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Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band


A Weight Loss Tool

The LAP-BAND® is a revolutionary device that helps you control food intake and facilitates healthy, long-term weight loss. The Band is a medical grade adjustable silicone ring that is positioned around the upper part of the stomach using a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. The ultimate goal of the LAP-BAND® surgery is to help facilitate a healthy lifestyle and overcome obesity-related health problems.

How the LAP-BAND® Works

By decreasing your stomach pouch size, the Band enables you to feel fuller faster and remain full for a longer period of time. Food is the body's primary energy source. Limiting food intake also limits the amount of primary energy available, which can trigger the body to burn fat as an alternative energy source. This process translates into weight loss.

How to Use the LAP-BAND®

The Band provides hope for individuals who have tirelessly battled obesity and have had no success maintaining long-term weight loss. Combined with a commitment to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the LAP-BAND® offers these individuals the opportunity to accomplish continuous weight loss at one to two pounds per week on average and the means to keep those pounds off for life.

Trusted and Tested

At this point, you have probably tried a large variety of weight loss treatments, but research shows that few if any of them work over the long term. Some of the available weight-loss options may help you lose a small amount of weight, but do little to help you keep the weight off.

The LAP-BAND® has a long history of success. The available Band is a third-generation device and a product of years of research and testing. The Band's features are specifically designed for safe, healthy, and long lasting weight loss.

  • #1 selling adjustable gastric banding system available
  • Over 550,000 units sold worldwide1
  • Up to 10 times safer than more extensive weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve2
  • Results in steady, healthy weight loss3,4
  • Over 1,200 publications and references with up to 10 years of follow-up


The LAP-BAND® comes in multiple sizes to accommodate various body types and stomach volumes. To provide an even better fit, both band sizes can be further adjusted using saline solution to expand and loosen the silicon balloon. Losing weight in small increments is a more natural process for your body. Band adjustment helps to control the rate of your weight-loss and makes LAP-BAND® surgery one of the safest weight-loss techniques currently available.

Finding the Right Fit

With the adjustable feature of the LAP-BAND®, you and your surgeon can monitor your progress and adjust the Band to better suit your body and your goals.

Adjustments Quick, Painless, and Surgery-Free

Adjustments are made without surgery and can be done in a surgeon's office. The process is very simple - the surgeon locates an access port just beneath the skin and uses a needle to add or remove a small amount of saline fluid. It takes only a few minutes and most patients say it is relatively painless.